Hale in Tansania



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A cross is being erected in the town of Bergalingen, Germany, and the residents organize the festivities.  Private individuals, the fire department, associations and companies all contribute to ensure the event is a success.  Then the question arises: What should we do with the proceeds?
A few months before this gathering I was in Tanzania, also in a village, following the invitation from the pastor there.  He had asked me if I could somehow fix the decrepit tractor, as it was desperately needed.  I soon realized there was no chance of this.

With this situation in mind, we met and discussed the inauguration of the cross.  When we discussed the purpose of the event, I dared ask, “Could we use the money for a used tractor in Africa…?”

Although people were surprised, they nodded. It was clear: everyone supported the idea.
That was the start of a project that has gained momentum.

Josef Vogt